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I chose the theme “BE YOU” because in terms of success in ANYTHING, if you aren’t being the UTMOST genuine version of YOU (staying TRUE to the deepest parts of your make-up, aspirations and convictions), YOU will ultimately BE dissatisfied.

So this space is about empowering YOU with some of the very things I’ve clung to, or LET GO of in order to manifest from the PUREST source. The source that renders the GREATEST results and will leave you the MOST fulfilled.

I believe you can have a thriving business, make the money you desire AND have a life you love!


To CHALLENGE our readers to live each day with a HIGHER purpose. To create POSITIVE change in others while never sacrificing the MOST IMPORTANT things to YOU. We also want you to learn how to “Have your cake and eat it too.”

Get ready to DIVE IN.

Molly Dalbec