Hey there!

I’m Molly

I’ve gone from small-town Minnesota tomboy, to a woman who’s built a business to 7-figures in just over 2 years.

My business allows me to spend my time the way I desire, and I’m honored to share the knowledge I’ve learned with passionate entrepreneurs (like you)!

I did it through expensive trial and error, sheer grit and determination…

And now, on the other side of success…
I can see how much easier it could have been!

“I’m passionate about helping you craft a powerful and unique selling proposition within your biz so that you can create lasting impact in the lives of your ideal clients AND build a legacy for your family.”

So why should you learn from me?
Well, I’m betting we’ve got some things in common!

Growing up as one of five kids, it always seemed like there was never quite enough to go around. My family did their absolute best to give us everything we needed, and we never lacked for necessities. But we didn’t seem to have the ease that other families had around money. And even worse – I felt guilty for feeling wanting more!

My family loved me and cared for me deeply. So, while I was longing for more, I also felt like I “should” be satisfied with what I already had.

When I finished high school, I packed a bag and headed to California with $700 to my name. You know that saying, “Wherever you go, there you are?” So flippin’ true! I thought that moving out to California would be the change I needed to feel more fulfilled, but I found myself plagued by the same discontent that I had growing up in small-town Minnesota.

I’d drive around San Diego looking at the luxurious homes and wonder what in the world the people who lived there did. I wanted their lifestyle so badly, but I had no idea how to get it. PLUS I felt guilty for not being content with my own life.

You know that feeling of having too much month at the end of your money? That was my reality! I worked 3 jobs just to make ends meet, and I felt burnt out and exhausted.

Then I had a dream that changed everything

Now, hear me out, because I’m not all “woo woo.” In fact, while I was in California, I was searching the Scriptures and praying fervently for direction. One night, I had a vivid dream that I was speaking on a large stage to a packed room of people. It was clear that my message was full of purpose and power, and that I was sharing wisdom and knowledge that was profoundly affecting those in the audience.

I awakened from that dream with a sense of calm and clarity unlike anything I’d ever felt.

“I KNEW that I was made for something more than struggling through life, working multiple jobs just to survive.”

You know this about yourself, too, right? You can feel it in your bones! You’re meant for so much more than the struggle. Read on . . .

I left California, enrolled in Medical Assisting school, and began seven looooonnng years of finding my groove in business. (I’ll never forget my first MLM, selling air purifiers. I was sure it would be a success – everybody breathes, right?!) I was determined to build a successful business, and I became a voracious learner. I studied internet marketing, affiliate marketing, coaching and MLMs. I stayed up late listening to webinars and woke up early to read all about the latest biz strategies.

Along the way, I went deeply into debt. Can you identify? Have you put all of your eggs into the “wrong” baskets, and now you’re scared that it might be too late for you to recoup your investment in your biz?

Yep, I spent money I didn’t have to learn in the hopes of making earnings that never materialized.

But, like you, I refused to feel sorry for myself or go into victim mode.

I chose to see all my business “failures” as powerful learning experiences, and I became laser-focused on finding my way to the top!

Eventually, I built my business to the seven-figure mark, and now I can give my family the lifestyle they deserve. Summer fun with my kids? Check! Date night with my hubby? Check! Giving generously to causes I believe in? On the regular!

So here’s the multi-million dollar question:

How did I do it?

That’s a complicated answer,
but I’ll break it down for you


I held an unwavering vision for my life, and I refused to settle for anything less. Mindset is the NUMBER ONE BARRIER that holds back most entrepreneurs, which is why I go deep with all of my clients to overcome any mental blocks or barriers to their success.


You don’t know what you don’t know.  To get to the six-figure mark and then scale to seven-figures in my business, I had to seek out others who had gone before me.  My mentors and coaches helped me accelerate my path to success and get my family the freedom that we craved much more quickly than I could have done on my own. When I started putting skin in the game and hiring top industry leaders, that’s when my business really took off!  I now consider any investment in a coach to be an investment in myself, and I know I’m worth the best (see Mindset, above)!

To become a masterful coach for my own clients, I’ve continued to invest in my own personal and business development.  Here is just a sampling of trainings and programs

I’ve completed:


Brendon Burchard - Experts Academy


Ray Higdon - Content Creation Mastery


I Heart Coaching with Emily Williams


Private Mastermind with Shanda Sumpter


Tara Marino- Live You Fully


Mike Dillard- List Grow


Maria Andros - Video Marketing


Darren Hardy- High Performance Live Summit


Sam Ovens – Consulting Community


Vanessa Horn – Profit With Honor + Create


...and so many more.

My promise to you is that I will continue to invest in the best mentors so that I am constantly sharpening my skills.  When we work together, you’ll benefit from the education and training I’ve invested in, and I will provide you with exactly what you need to create a thriving business, even if (especially if!) you’ve been struggling for years.

So what are you waiting for?

You found me for a reason, and I’m here to tell you your biz dreams CAN become reality!

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